Fair Game

How it works?

Our fair play system works in such a way that the winner is determined using the Number of the round,
which is randomly generated at the beginning of the game.

The round number is encrypted with MD5, and this hash is shown at the beginning of each round.

The hash also contains a random string (Secret) to prevent decryption.

At the end of the round, the system shows the most decoded Round Number and Secret, which were
encrypted at the very beginning, and you can check that the Round Number did not change during the game.

The number of rounds is multiplied by the total number of tickets in the round and thus the winning
ticket is selected. Who of the players will have this winning ticket will be the winner.

That is, the principle of fair play works in such a way that we can never know how many tickets there
will be at the time of the end of the round, and the Number of round for multiplication is given at
the very beginning of the round.



Random fractional number from 0 to 1 (for example: 0.8612523461234567)


The MD5 hash is encrypted from a combination of the secret and the number of the round, used to prove the integrity of the game.


A case-sensitive random string is used to prevent hash decoding.


For every $1.0 entered you will receive 1 ticket ($1 = 1 tickets).


Each deposit is transferred to the tickets. Tickets are sorted by deposit time.

The winning ticket number is calculated using the following formula: floor (number of tickets * number of round) + 1 = winner

(the floor function returns the nearest integer, rounding the number passed to it down).

The player who has the selected winning ticket and will be the winner of the round.


You can use this tool to make sure that the hash matches the winning ticket of the round. Enter the hash and the number of tickets to find out the winning ticket.