Frequently Asked Questions

What is - is an online gambling website. Our main goal is to offer you the opportunity to gamble online with virtual currencies safely and responsibly. Our mission is to be the leading digital entertainment company that anticipates market demands and delights our players by offering smart, safe, and fun virtual money games.

How does Bitcoin Jackpot works?

Each player can contribute any amount of bitcoin in one bet. The amount put affects the chance to win. Despite the fact that winnerticket is chosen randomly, you can increase your chance to win, having a larger percentage of the round.

How to refill my balance?

You can refill your balance on Deposit page. The minimum deposit amount is $30 (USD)

How to withdraw funds?

You can withdraw your balance on Withdraw page. Our percentage of withdrawal is 2%. New users need to make a deposit in order to be able to withdraw your funds.

How to use promotional code?

You can use promotional code in your profile page. You can use promotional code only once!